Senior Director of Operations

  • Basis:  Full-Time
  • Closing Date:  13 Feb, 2021
  • Job Ref:  KMP-57357

Job Description

Responsible for the operational performance of the production, maintenance and process engineering functions of ST Malta, covering both assembly and testing and finishing (including Burn In). The job holder shall ensure that production targets are reached with respect to quantities, cycle time, yield, service, cost and quality standards within the company cost objectives through implementation of policy deployment, optimal utilization of resources and a lean and effective organization in an advanced manufacturing environment. The job holder shall ensure that the shopfloor and the working procedures and practices are safe.

Job Description:

  • Promote and maintain awareness and compliance of H&S in accordance with best practice and legal requirements, whilst ensuring
    that the workplace and production processes ensure the safety and well-being of employees.
  • Ensuring that jobs are processed correctly, cost effectively and delivered on time in accordance to customer build specification and
    quality requirements.
  • Communicating with all the relevant people / depts and co-ordinating all relevant inputs (people, plant and processes) to ensure production output and on time delivery targets are achieved.
  • Reviewing workload (HC & OEE) to ensure production output and on-time delivery targets are achieved, cost-effectively.
  • Ensuring that the production line has the necessary manpower, competence, skill, knowledge, plant and tooling required in order to achieve production targets.
  • Ensure the right and most effective structure to achieve operational targets with the best utilisation of resources.

Scheduling / Prioritisation of Workload:

  • Manage the production sequence (start / output) to meet the customer demand according to the machine bottleneck and line
  • Pre-plan production and deploy a daily prioritised work schedule to the shop floor with appropriate time deadline targets.
  • Set, monitor and review workload schedule to reach delivery and cycle time targets.

Productivity Control:

  • Manage machines and manpower to ensure that all production-related activity is time and cost-efficient / effective (including absence and overtime management, and flexibility of workforce through training and certification).
  • Ensure equipment is maintained according to the maintenance plan and repaired to reduce machine downtime.
  • Set up, monitor and improve systems to monitor and enhance maintenance and repairs technical interventions.
  • Lead lean manufacturing initiatives, reducing NVA processes and increasing resource utilisation and efficiency.

Quality Control:

  • Ensure that the working environment follows 5S principles to induce high quality working practices.
  • Ensure that all personnel are trained and aware of the impacts of their roles.
  • Oversee that FMEAs are owned and led by the process team, with the support from production and other stakeholders.
  • Promote and deploy the necessary SPC to keep the process under control, to avoid re-occurrence of any deviation.
  • Investigate any customer claims to identify the real root cause and devise effective preventive and corrective actions.

Manage process changes and material changes, including the materials and processes for new production lines.
Industry 4.0:

  • Execute the master plan to deploy all the digitalization initiatives according to the roadmap (timeline, milestones, budget).
  • Build a culture of data driven decision-making.
  • Promote and implement all the digitalisation projects (paperless, machine learning, data analysis, predictive maintenance, IOT).

Manage the team:

  • Achieve the above through strong leadership and adoption of coaching skills to develop the team.
  • Conduct proper performance appraisals, ensuring that such good practice is cascaded down to the lower levels.
  • Ensure that discipline is engrained in the team’s mindset, and when necessary taking disciplinary actions at all levels.
  • Provide strategic direction to the team, in line with the site and BEM&T directions.
  • Lead and participate in budgetary processes and policy deployment.