Industrial Engineering, Automation & Big Data Director

  • Basis:  Full-Time
  • Closing Date:  13 Feb, 2021
  • Job Ref:  KMP-57356

Job Description

Manage and control all the machinery investments required to meet any volume increases and productivity improvements, including the layout of the lines and the flow of material. This includes the introduction of automation and robotics required as part of the I4.0 transformation. To support the latter initiative, the Director is responsible to manage the Big Data team, from data extraction and model generation to implementation, aiming at using production data and AI to increase OEE and headcount efficiency through initiatives such as predictive maintenance.

Lead Industrial Engineering activities for:

  • Time element mgmt and control in all the activities of assembly and testing according to the 4M&E (man, machine, method, material and environment)
  • Evaluate the capacity required to execute the demand plan and validate the DLC
  • Update the capacity model according to the division’s demand and define together with the CBMT the necessary investment (CAR) in equipment and tooling adequate in both time and volume
  • Assure the update of industrial engineering database for all ST Malta plant with all new equipment, jigs, processes and products. This database is what defines the capacity of all lines in the plant. It is also linked to SAP accounting and provides the process steps for package cost calculations.
  • Define the proper layout to support the ramp up, new line, including robotization under safety / ergonomic rules and policy
  • Engage the time studies and simulation on all processes, covering all 4M*Es (man, machine, method and material, environment), in ST Malta to analyse areas for productivity improvement and commit a value of capacity to central and divisional planning.
  • Evaluate, promote and deploy all the necessary lean manufacturing actions (SMED, Kanban, VSM) to eliminate the NVA for increasing efficiency of machines (OEE) and added values of direct and indirect employees
  • Accountable for all assembly and test projects in Malta plant by requesting the investment, participate in the equipment selection (OEE and UPH), and assist in the layout until the equipment is installed and commissioned up to the level that meets expectations

Manage the Big Data Team, responsible for Data Projects:

  • Lead a group of data scientists
  • Deploy predictive / prescriptive maintenance to increase machine OEE and technician efficient
  • Define a roadmap of machine learning to support quality improvement, process control system, decision making and measure results of PoC
  • Propose a deployment of AI to support indirect and direct HC efficient
  • Manage big data projects in Malta according to the manufacturing digitalisation roadmap
  • Assess and propose collaborative project with EU and Malta University I4.0 initiatives
  • Define, assess, and propose the investment, layout and change to support the transformation to an advanced manufacturing plant
  • Manage the automation team to make the concept and the POR of robotization, and propose the right investment
  • Suggest the robotisation roadmap to automate handling and transport of the materials to achieve higher productivity and full traceability
  • Promote and support the deployment of digitalisation initiatives: digitization, IOT, remote control