Customer Care Assistant

  • Basis:  Part-Time
  • Closing Date:  24 Mar, 2020
  • Job Ref:  KMP-53012

Job Description

The Customer Care Assistant at Learning Works has the following general responsibilities:

  • Handling of the front desk of the training hub;
  • Ensuring that the training hub is always kept in a clean state;
  • Ensuring that the training hub is properly maintained at all times;
  • Ensuring that the front door is locked and electricity switched off at the end of each day and that the lecture rooms are locked when not in use;
  • Handling the audiovisual requirements of the training hub;
  • Handling the coffee breaks requirements in events when these are provided by Learning Works and liaising with CaterEssence when this is sub-contracted to them;
  • Assisting the Executive Administrator as necessary.

Other more specific responsibilities are:

  • Greeting students and visitors at the front desk and attending to their requirements and referring to the Executive Administrator where necessary;
  • Assisting lecturers by collecting signed attendance sheets, in operating equipment in class (e.g. the interactive panel, screen or projector);
  • Assisting in invigilation during examinations and tests when required;
  • Ensuring that the Training Hub is cleaned every day as per established schedule;
  • Ensures that in emergency situations where the regular cleaner/s is not present the training hub is still cleaned;
  • Liaise with Vassallo Group Realty head of maintenance where their input in maintenance is required;
  • Handles all the requirements of external users of the Training Hub;
  • Assist in clerical duties assigned by the CEO and/or Executive Administrator.