QA & Release Specialist

  • Basis:  Full-Time
  • Closing Date:  30 Sep, 2020
  • Job Ref:  KMP-55290

Job Description

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A central role to deliver with speed and quality is the QA & Release Engineer. Here at GO we believe that a QA / Release Engineer is an important bridge between DevOps, developers, operations, product owners and UAT through which we deliver with more confidence and more frequently to keep up with what our customers need in their connected lives.

Does this sound like you?

Here’s what you need to match our requirements:

  • Experience in giving support across multiple systems and platforms;
  • Ability to understand how processes work within a business domain and be able to troubleshoot issues when system components are not functioning properly together;
  • Knowledge of testing automation frameworks fundamentals;
  • Familiarity with building, deployment and project automation tools;
  • Have assisted delivery teams in order to review quality specifications, technical design documents to provide feedback;
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills;
  • Maintain and manage close interpersonal and professional work relations with internal clients and peers;
  • Must possess strong analysis, evaluation and problem solving skills, and be attentive to detail;
  • Be a responsible team player;
  • The ability to work under pressure with tight deadlines;
  • Be able to manage expectations and mediate between the different stakeholders interests.

Here’s how to score some extra points:

  • Proven work experience in software quality assurance;
  • Be able to work under own initiative and with minimal supervision;
  • The willingness to continue learning and keep up-to-date with new developments.

If this describes you, here’s a glimpse of what you will be doing in this position:

  • Creating, in liaison with product owners, well-structured functional and non-functional test plans and test cases;
  • Maximizing test automation and writing and executing test scripts by consulting with QA automation developers. Be responsible for testing effort estimation, coordination, coverage, tracking, effectiveness and efficiency;
  • Liaising with product owner to determine most critical end-to-end tests which are required for initial end-to-end user testing;
  • Liaising with dev / deployment teams to set up the testing and staging environments including the creation of test data and data validations;
  • Conducting initial end-to-end user testing of projects / other releases and verify the test results against the expected scenarios. All test results should be documented and a final report should be created;
  • Recording and escalating any issues encountered during testing in a timely manner. Assist in a timely manner developer and devops teams to solve issues that might arise while testing;
  • Coordinating with UAT team to handover the project for final end-to-end user testing, which needs to be conducted by the UAT team;
  • Ensuring that new releases have the right deployment procedure, configuration and code quality for successful integration and operations;
  • Administering the source code management system and make sure developers are complying with the team merging strategy standards;
  • Building own and maintaining multiple build release platforms. To correct build errors through close collaboration with developers and devops;
  • Liaising with devops and developers to automate deployment workflows especially by configuring pipelines and writing / maintaining deployment scripts;
  • Assembling data on release metrics;
  • Documenting the release processes and actual releases with release notes;
  • Assessing software performance on build environments through monitoring tools and by providing dashboards for developers, devops and operations;
  • Assisting Product Owners to manage release scheduling. Coordinating the use of testing and staging environments across teams and parallel initiatives and manage the deployments calendar;
  • Undertaking any other related tasks as directed by superiors.

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