Team Manager (Thematic)

  • Basis:  Full-Time
  • Closing Date:  04 Dec, 2020
  • Job Ref:  KMP-56529

Job Description

The Team Manager (Thematic) is responsible to for managing and participating in the development of Environmental Policy and related data management reporting obligations and contribute to the overall aim of environmental protection, conservation, management and improvement.


  • Manage and contribute to the preparation, interpretation, development and auditing of environmental policy instruments and related data management and reporting aspects;
  • Develop capability in relation to the analysis of environmental data for the purposes for the generating and auditing environmental instruments, analyzing relevant policy documents and proposals and provide technical guidance to other colleagues and subordinates accordingly and other Directorates as required;
  • Manage and contribute to the development and application of tools and mechanisms for effective environmental policy data management and reporting including GIS-based systems for analysis of relevant environmental issues and other required regulatory outputs;
  • Establish, maintain and manage sound information and data management systems, practices and records, with the aim to provide easy access to data and information to be employed by the Authority functions;
  • Centralize and assess data and information arising from surveillance, monitoring, compliance, permitting, risk assessments, research, reports and other aspects relevant to environmental data management;
  • Develop specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-related (SMART) indicators and tools driving forces, pressures and threats, states, impacts and responses (DPSIR) in relation to relevant environmental aspects;
  • Manage and contribute to the setting up of ways to assess and monitor such indicators and related data management, in liaison with other Authority’s employees and relevant competent authorities and third parties, as required;
  • Provide technical assistance to data capturing tools, environmental monitoring equipment and keep abreast with developments in this sector;
  • Coordinate and manage the production, plotting and digitization of geodata contributing to the setting up of a GIS-based system incorporating the main relevant aspects required for the appropriate implementation of a coherent data management system in line with environmental policy, allowing for relevant analysis, assessments and reporting;
  • Manage and assess reporting templates and enquiries, determine data, information and knowledge requirements, and liaise with relevant internal or external parties, where applicable and through appropriate channels, to gather such requirements;
  • Manage and develop reports aimed at assessing the status of the environment, the appropriate implementation of environmental policy, abiding with reporting obligations, deadlines and commitments, and to assist in the continuous development and auditing of environmental policy in liaison with other Authority employees and relevant competent authorities and third parties as required;
  • Report the outcome of environmental permits, including recommended actions and suggested conditions to enable follow-up and coordination of other regulatory functions of the Authority;
  • Provide advice on methodological tools, to assess and address gaps in environmental policy and means to address such issues;
  • Provide technical input and advice and contribute to the preparation of environmental policy and Authority’s position on relevant environmental policy and related measures;
  • Ensure the appropriate follow-up, screening, monitoring and auditing of national and international policy for its impact on relevant matters pertinent to policy developed by or relevant to the Authority functions, and advise on implications and need for revisions, where applicable.

Job Entry Requirements / Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree (MQF Level 6) with a minimum total of 180 ECTS in any of the following subjects: natural sciences, environmental management, geography, engineering/acoustics, or comparable qualifications as recognized by NCHFE.
  • Alternatively, in case of no first degree, a Master’s degree (MQF Level 7) with a minimum total of 90 ECTS credits in any of the following subjects: natural sciences, environmental management, geography, engineering / acoustics, or comparable qualifications by NCHFE.
  • Ability to speak Maltese and in possession of certification indicating level of proficiency.


  • A minimum of 5 year’s postgraduate experience managing environmental-related matters or in general management. Experience in environmental policy, data management, reporting and permitting will be considered an asset.

In case of foreign qualifications, a recognition certificate from NCFHE is to be submitted for the application to be taken into consideration.