HR Executive

  • Basis:  Full-Time
  • Closing Date:  04 Dec, 2020
  • Job Ref:  KMP-56232

Job Description

A position within the AquaBioTech Group has arisen for a suitably qualified and experienced person to work as a Human Resources Executive within the company, overseeing the daily operations and development of the Human Resources department.

These responsibilities also include areas related to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and Environmental Management System (EMS). The role is demanding and requires the candidate to be resilient but flexible and able to handle constant change without losing composure, positivity, and drive.

We are seeking a person with leadership and social influence, having the integrity and authority to lead an international team of staff that comes from over twenty countries towards a collective goal and continue the rapid recruitment of additional professionals over the coming years. The candidate should be a clear and concise communicator, fluent in written and spoken English, while also able to take the time to listen and understand challenges that employees face.

Synopsis of the position offered
The responsibilities of the selected candidate are divided into a number of different areas of work, although briefly described as overseeing the daily operations and development of the company’s human resources department. In addition to the traditional HR role, the company also assigns co-responsibility for Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and Environmental Management System (EMS) to the HR department.

The successful candidate will be responsible for devising corporate plans for a variety of Human Resource actions while overseeing all HR initiatives, strategies, and systems.

These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Continuous assessment of the Human Resource requirements of the company relative to the expansion of work and new business areas
  • Updating of job requirements and job descriptions for all positions in the company as the workflow evolves
  • Preparation of all new job descriptions for advertising and promotion, undertaken in conjunction with the business development director
  • Oversight of the screening and selection process and the various stages of the interview process
  • Supporting the human factor in the company by developing strategies for performance evaluation, recruitment, internal training and development as well as negotiating and managing contract agreements
  • Maintaining legal and internal compliance procedures
  • Updating policies and procedures, complying with national, international and industry-wide regulations, including developing recommendations for industry-wide consultation
  • Management checks of the monthly payroll procedure in conjunction with the finance department

The candidate will also oversee managing the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and Environmental Management System (EMS) requirements of the company. This work includes the regular undertaking of risk assessments, emergency evacuation procedures, safety training, internal OHS and EMS audits.

This position is demanding, requiring a person who is highly motivated, self-organised and resilient, but flexible and able to handle constant change without losing composure, positivity and drive. The candidate will need to be diligent and firm, with a keen sense of ethics while dealing with sensitive / confidential information.

The candidate must also be able to follow company policies and procedures, as well as establishing clear and concise HR objectives in line with the overall company road map. The individual must possess a strong sense of self and the ability to make decisions and take action; being prepared to work in isolated and in multi-functional projects in conjunction with a team of international staff based at our head office in Malta, but also with our staff based in other countries.

Qualifications Overview
A successful candidate is likely to have a solid background in Human Resource Management with at least a B.Sc. in human resources, business administration or another relevant field; and have at least four (4) years’ experience in an HR role at a company that has an international team of staff.

The successful candidate will be offered a long-term, fixed-term contract with the company. The selected candidate will have to speak and write English fluently and ideally Maltese, but not essential. The selected candidate must have a clear passport with no travel restrictions, no legal convictions held at any time and be in possession of a clean driving licence.

Financial Package
The starting package offered for this position will be structured largely upon the chosen candidate, reflecting the experience the candidate brings to the company, but also in line with the cost of living in Malta and could include an accommodation package if required.