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St Elizabeth Home Nurse
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Full-Time (Shift)
Job Description
St Elizabeth Home is a modern nursing home.

Duties and Requirements:
  • To take care of residents and see to their needs
  • Ensure each resident has an up to date and agreed care plan, which details the interventions necessary; evaluating and reviewing the care plans in line with policy
  • Participate fully in the overall care of the residents, enabling quality of life through effective, direct and delegated care and service
  • Act professionally at all times, working within the Council for Midwives and Nurses (CMN) professional code of conduct, the Care Standards Act and the Care Home Regulations
  • Take accountability for the medication rounds making sure that medication is administered strictly in line with Prime Care’s policies and procedures adhering to the CMN Code of Professional Practice and the CMN guidelines for the Administration of Medications
  • Keep accurate records according to Prime Care’s policies and procedures
  • A valid local registration and a clear police conduct
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