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CassarCamilleri Ltd Brand Manager
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Job Description
Company Profile
CassarCamilleri Ltd. is a leading beverage company, with a broad portfolio of premium brands produced locally as well as imported. With more than 100 brands within its portfolio, CassarCamilleri positions itself as one of the largest local suppliers in the beverage sector, with products ranging from Marsovin wines, Camilleri wines, imported wines, spirits, liqueurs, beer, water, juices and squashes.

Candidate Profile
The ideal candidate must
  • Be above all, dynamic, motivated, determined and confident
  • Work on own initiative with minimum supervision
  • A degree in marketing or similar qualification along with 3 years' experience in a marketing position
  • Any applicants that do not have the above mentioned qualifications or experience will not be considered for the role

Job Responsibilities:
The Role
  • The role of a brand manager is to manage a set of brands which will be designated by the company. Brands for this post are: beer, Safari juices, Coolee squashes, Zeppi’s Maltese liqueurs, Fontana water and The Master Cellar.
  • Responsible for planning and executing various branding and advertising campaigns and oversee related correspondence between agencies and media channels.
  • Responsible for the day to day brand management including product development and maintenance. 
  • Analysing the sales performance of each brand and providing reports to management on a regular basis.
  • Recommending marketing and sales strategies for each brand to management, and liaising with the sales department to ensure that such strategies are effective when launched on the market.
  • Protecting the interests of the brand on the market and alerting management as to any potential threats and opportunities that may exist.
  • Coordinating and attending occasional company and brand related events taking place out of work hours.
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